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Auto Openers Sectional Opener

Auto Openers Garage Door Sectional Opener

Auto Openers Sectional Opener

Standard Range Sectional Garage Door Opener

As Auto Openers standard garage door opener, the Sectional Opener has been operating doors across Australia reliably and silently with a fully supported warranty that covers professional and DIY installations.

With a Low Headroom design guaranteed to fit every brand of garage door in Australia, the Sectional Opener can suit double doors up to 18m². Thanks to the Ultra-Bright LED’s, your garage will also be fully illuminated for when you come home last at night. If there’s a power blackout, you wouldn’t even notice due to the Battery Backup that can power the Sectional Opener for up to three days. With a wide range of other optional accessories, the Sectional Opener provides reliability and convenience to a new Standard.

When you’re choosing your next garage door opener, choose Auto Openers. The Garage Door People.

People say...

I had this unit installed by my local Auto Openers garage door installer in Sydney. It’s quiet, it’s bright and it’s worked for nearly two years without an issue. Can’t ask for anything else in a garage door opener.

Robert Knight
Warranty2, 3, 5 Year Replacement Warranty
Included 2x Remote Controls, 1x Wall Remote
Suitable DoorsAll Residential Doors Under 18m²


 Rated Door Area 16.5m²
 Min Side Room 45mm
 Power Input Voltage 230-240V a.c. 50Hz 1-phase
 Peak Pulling Power 600N
 Motor Type 24V d.c. Permanent Magnet
 Motor Power 100W
 Standby Power 2.2W
 Door Travel Speed 130mm/sec
 Remote Frequency FM 433.92
 Memory Register 64
 Lighting 2x Ultra-Bright LED’s
 Warranty 2, 3, or 5 Year Replacement Warranty